'Yes, Sir. Please.'

Her fingers had trembled as she typed when she'd finally had the courage to reply to his question.


'Wouldn't you like to be mine?'

Her panties had grown damp the moment she'd read it. Her heart was picking up in pace. Her eyes were darting back over the line. Again and again. And at the same time, she'd wanted to fling the phone across the room, afraid to look at it. She still trembled now, hours later, when she was alone in her bed. God, that was the wildest thing she'd ever done.

Charlotte had always thought she was a good girl. A shy girl. But lately, she'd found herself wanting, longing, to be HIS good girl.

She'd never wanted that before with someone else. Needing to be controlled. To please him. To make him proud. To...be owned by him.


Her fingers drifted over her belly and found the edge of her plain cotton panties, pushing the material down just enough for her fingers to reach her clit.

She only then realized the fingers of her other hand had closed around one hard nipple, tugging on her piercing. The feeling echoed low in her belly and again in her swollen clit. She imagined him tugging on them. Hurting her for his pleasure.

Just the thought made her slick instantly. God, she'd have a massive damp spot in no time.


But it was so hot...To be his. To be his. To be his.

Her fingers rubbed faster circles each time she repeated the words until she finally cried out as she hit the edge, white-hot sparks of pleasure surging through her.

"Yes, Sir, please. I want to be yours." Charlotte panted, wondering what she’d just signed herself up for.