Lori had been practising on dildo's for a week. 


No orgasm, he had told her when he'd given her the assignment. No orgasm until you can deepthroat. When she hadn't been able to deepthroat at the end of the week, he'd made it more difficult. 

No touching, she'd been told. What she thought he had meant was that he wouldn't touch her, or she couldn't touch herself, but it was so much worse than that. Her panties had to stay around her thighs at all times. Not even fabric touched her throbbing clit. Her hard aching nipples couldn't even brush against her bra. 

She'd begged and pleaded with him to be allowed to try and take his cock all the way down. The hand on top of her head was reassuring, but dominant. He had her where he wanted her and he wasn't about to let go anytime soon. 

"Remember, he warned her. "Good girls swallow."