Good girls don't cum. Good girls don't cum.

She could feel herself drift as soon as the audio drowned out any outside noise.

Her body tingled, the warmth making it's way to her limbs and making them heavy.


She felt powerless, unable to resist as she fell deeper and deeper, her mind going blank. It was impossible to think; the audio told her what to think, what to feel.


It made her feel amazing. Submissive. Obedient.


She felt the ache grow the more she listened to the words. Her panties grew damp, and her fingers slipped lower into them once it was suggested.


But they halted.


She was waiting for further permission.


That was what it felt like. Her brain and her body were melting. Everything but her arousal was melting away.
She started rubbing slow circles when it asked her to do so and repeated.

"Good girls don't cum." 


Ella whimpered, the mantra falling from her lips.


"Good girls don't cum. I am a good girl." 

Her eyes rolled back, and she reached her first edge. She sank deeper. Her second edge. Her arousal and need grew, her fingers moved faster. Third.


"Good girls don't cum."


Not that she'd still be able to without permission. She was fucked, and she'd love every second of it. Ella would come back to that file tomorrow to try. And the day after. Maybe, it would dawn on her then.