It’s a true mindfuck to be craving anal over anything else.


Layla had tried to fight giving in to the feeling for weeks. She’d been locked in the steel belt and unable to touch. Her cunt had throbbed the moment the padlock had clicked into place until she realized what she had agreed to.

No way to touch herself. No way to edge. The belt was a constant reminder that the place between her legs was no longer hers to play with. Not without permission. 

The only thing she could feel was the cold press of the metal against her hot flesh whenever she rubbed her fingers over it.

It drove her wild. It drove her to beg in tears, desperate for relief.

After the first week, she’d broken down and pleaded for him to fuck her. Only she’d made one small mistake, too lost in her arousal…Soon the tip of his cock was pressing into her ass, and her cunt felt even emptier. 

“Don’t worry.” He’d cooed mockingly when she’d sniffled, begging for an orgasm. “For every orgasm I have in your place, we’ll draw a tally mark on your bum. Once you’re reached ten you can cum. If you manage from having your ass fucked by then…”

Layla was five marks into her second attempt for an orgasm and bend over with her juices trailing down her thighs. As much as the thought humiliated her, she also hoped she wouldn’t be able to cum anytime soon. Turned out she was loving this wonderful frustration.